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  1. That said, here's the far-from-comprehensive list and their tested noise specs: Strymon Zuma R300—Appears to work fine when doubling up TWO 9V outputs (-140dBr) Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4x4—Appears to work fine when doubling up TWO 9V outputs (-124dBr) Godlyke Power-All PA-9D—Appears to work fine, but there is a bit of additional noise (-116dBr) So, does anyone know where to get a cable that will allow me to connect/convert two of my Zuma 9V outputs into one ?
  2. Thanks for all your answers. Although there are some great answers here, the bottom line is, you shouldn't have to work that hard to incorporate a pedal into a system in this day and age. It's not rocket science to built a better connector. In fact, it's very poor engineering, and makes me really think about where they are going. If it can't play nice with others, do I want it ?
  3. Actually, I could not get the HX to power up with my Truetone CS12 on any output, and I'm not being "over-dramatic". It's pretty ridiculous that I am unable to use the courtesy outlet on a Pedal Power II plus due to the obnoxious size of the plug itself. If you look at the common pedalboards on the market, they have holes cut out for the use of a courtesy outlet. Yours needs it's own extension cord. Clearly not well thought out. I play in pubs where outlets can be at a premium, not to mention floor space. Also, what other company would build a product that isn't user friendly with other gear ? Don't you think it would have been smart business to make this thing power-able with ANY power supply so players don't have to purchase specific ones ? Believe me, this issue will detour many players. Also, to brush me off as over-dramatic is an oversight on YOUR part, as I am a gear hound, and there are many companies out there who are thinking about these REAL issues for real players. No reply required "expert". I'm done here.
  4. So I'm hoping there is a way to power an HX Effects unit with a common isolated power supply, like a Pedal Power Plus, Truetone CS12, or something similar, as the wall wort supplied is simply not going to work for 95% of pedalboard users. They market this as a hub to your pedalboard, yet it can only be powered with a wall wort the size of a small pedal. The actual power prong is too large. I brought my HX home. Studied for two hours online, looking for a solution, then promptly returned it for refund. This is a hug oversight on Line 6's part. If no solution is found, this effects unit is doomed.
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