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    Snapshot Name

    Is it possible to name the snapshot so that it shows in one of the 4 spaces on the screen?
  2. I need a bushing replacement kit for my Helix floor wah. I saw a tutorial on youtube on how to do this but i need to get that actual bushings.Where can i purchase these? Thanks
  3. I bought a used flextone iii and decided to gig out with it last night. Halfway through the first set it completely lost power then instantly went through its startup routine again with the lights flashing and started backup. It happend a few more times through the night. I check the powercord and made sure everything was tight. I brought it home tried a diffrent powercord and it still cuts out. Any idea what the issue could be? I paid 180 for it so i probably wont be sending it out for a 200 dollar repair.
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