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  1. Hi, guys! Maybe somebody faced a similar issue. I have an old Line6 Backtrack - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Line-BackTrack-Guitar-Riff-Recorder/dp/B001ELJTCY When I connect it to the computer it doesn't see MARKED and UNMARKED folder. I changed settings in Windows so I could see hidden folders but it doesn't help. I've created a marked folder, Windows suggested to rewrite it, I did it, but folder again disappeared. Could somebody help with it?
  2. Yeap, I did it! Thanks to all of you! I also used this video!
  3. Big thanks to everybody! I hope I'll do it) A bit busy now, I'll try to come up with it later. One more time great thanks!
  4. Hi, guys! My name is Sergio. I'd like to know how I can record direct sound from my guitar using POD HD 500X so that I can give it to the studio, well, the point is I don't need a recorded distortion (I can do it) and I don't need just a clean sound. I want to hear my playing distorted, but I need the recording clean (so to say direct input). I looked at the settings and set up s/pdif output as dry inputs. But nothing changed unfortunately. What shall I do? Thanks!
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