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  1. I need to mention that at some point I had found out that the power supply worked fine (tried on another amplify) , and the problem came from the amp.
  2. absolutly not, got the amp back to the dealer (it was under guarantee) they sent back a new one (amp) with a different power supply (a much bigger one)
  3. Is this support website anyhow alive//usefull ?
  4. Hello there, Happening this morning with my amplifi30 : The power supply start blinking when I plug it into the amp, wenether the switch of the amp is on or off. (the amp stays unpowered) If I unplug the amp, the power supply stop blinking and the bright green light stays on. Never happen before, the amp was working fine 2 days ago. will be a screwdriver helping ? :p Regards.
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