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  1. GorillaReg

    Lost tones

    So I run the app on my iPad to control the Amplifi TT. I used it for a month, saved a bunch of tones on the app, then moved house and didn't use it for a couple of weeks. In the intervening time I forgot my password, got a new one, logged back in to find all the tones I had saved were gone. Can it really be that simply replacing my password cost me weeks of work?
  2. GorillaReg

    Monitoring and such

    Thanks silverhead. Much appreciated.
  3. GorillaReg

    Monitoring and such

    A basic use question: If I have the Amplifi TT plugged into a USB socket on my MacBook Pro, and am listening to headphones plugged into the Amplifi TT, will I be able to hear sound from the laptop (e.g. backing tracks or software synths from GarageBand) as well as my guitar? If I am recording on the laptop, can I listen to the whole track on the headphones but only record the guitar line that I’m playing? Thanks!
  4. Anyone else had this problem? I'm debating buying the Amplifi TT.