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  1. So I run the app on my iPad to control the Amplifi TT. I used it for a month, saved a bunch of tones on the app, then moved house and didn't use it for a couple of weeks. In the intervening time I forgot my password, got a new one, logged back in to find all the tones I had saved were gone. Can it really be that simply replacing my password cost me weeks of work?
  2. Thanks silverhead. Much appreciated.
  3. A basic use question: If I have the Amplifi TT plugged into a USB socket on my MacBook Pro, and am listening to headphones plugged into the Amplifi TT, will I be able to hear sound from the laptop (e.g. backing tracks or software synths from GarageBand) as well as my guitar? If I am recording on the laptop, can I listen to the whole track on the headphones but only record the guitar line that I’m playing? Thanks!
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