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  1. Welp, that sucks. I held out a little bit of hope there. I think you're onto something there, too. I somehow missed the post from bether in February 2017: I had an iPhone 6S, which had an A9 processor, and I've had the phantom clicks since day one. However, on my iPad Mini 4, which has an A8X - no clicks, ever. For those who can't/won't read the PDF, the relevant part is this: "The [newer iPhone] occasionally fails to send all of the audio data it should, to the plugged-in USB audio device. This causes (quasi) periodic clicks and dropouts in the audio and then the audio may stop, altogether." This is by a manufacturer of a completely different product, but describes the exact same issue, so it does definitely seem like an Apple issue rather than a Line6 one. The issue was also first picked up by Silicon Labs and submitted to Apple as a bug, so there's a pretty strong reason to point at Apple being the issue. Now, the interesting bit is kind of related to one of the very first posts I made - that it may be related to the downsampling/bitrate mismatch from 48kHz to 44.1kHz. As the PDF notes, all iOS video audio is at 48kHz, so I've been trying to figure out if there's a way to somehow use that to video yourself playing to get the audio you need. The best pseudo-idea I have is: You need 2 devices and a mixer. And some time. Plug one device with your DAW/multitrack/play-along track into your mixer, and have some headphones out for you to play along with; Plug your guitar/bass/vox/drum output into the Sonic Port; Plug your Sonic Port lightning cable into your second device, on which you're going to film yourself playing; Run a headphone out from your Sonic Port into your mixer, so you can hear what you're playing, along with the rest of your track; Hit record on your video, then hit play on your backing track, and play along. What you should end up with is a video with your solo track on it. You can then import the audio from that video and line it up in your DAW (although you will have to do that manually). it is the hackiest hack, but theoretically it should allow you to record via the Sonic Port without any more random pops & clicks (probably).
  2. It’s great that worked for you; however I’ve never used an amplifier. With drums, I’m going straight from a drum brain directly into the SonicPort, and when recording a guitar (or bass), I go directly from the instrument into the SonicPort. It does raise an interesting point though - as the iPad where I don’t get the random clicks doesn’t have a SIM (and so, no mobile data). Maybe instead of interfering with the amp, it’s with the SonicPort directly?
  3. This still appears to be an issue. Running on my iPhone 6s with the latest version of iOS (v 11.2.6 at time of writing), I still get random clicks. I only ever record into GarageBand, and the clicks are loud and present in the recording.
  4. That's very interesting, because exactly as you say: that doesn't line up with what we've experienced. I've had this issue with the SonicPort since day 1 when using it with my iPhone 6s, and initially the only other post I could find about it was an Amazon review (https://www.amazon.co.uk/forum/-/Tx11NLWK261AISV/ref=ask_dp_dpmw_al_hza?asin=B00CS4L7DK) which was posted 3 months before the iPhone 7 was released. So it's definitely not iPhone 7 only.
  5. Unfortunately, there's been no update. I still have my iPhone 6s running iOS 10.3.3 and used my SonicPort as recently as a week ago, and I still suffer the exact same issue. No update from Line6, and no solution in sight. I never got my battery upgraded, but the fact that people are reporting the issue occurring with brand new iPhone 7 devices leads me to suspect that a replacement battery will not solve it. I was also considering upgrading to the SonicPort VX, but since people are reporting the exact same issue with that, I don't think I'll bother. Perhaps we should turn this thread into suggestions for other devices? The main reason I got a SonicPort was for the stereo channel input via the Lightning cable, as I absolutely required stereo. Anyone know of an alternative?
  6. I would suspect not: I had a ticket open with Line6 for a while about this issue, going back and forth about this issue repeatedly. Their response was basically "we can't recreate this, and if we had, we never would have released it. It's a problem with your iOS device." Now, what's interesting is that: 1) According to Apple, my iPhone 6s is eligible for a battery replacement - there were a batch of iPhones that had 'explodey' batteries. Technically I don't think mine was in that batch, but it is eligible for replacement 'just to be safe'; 2) I've also used my SonicPort on an iPad Mini 4. Technically I think it's virtually the same spec (in fact, I suspect the iPad has a lower-rent processor), but I haven't suffered from the popping on the iPad. However, my experience with it has been limited. This leads me to suspect that it may actually be device-related, but whether that's down to hardware or some software configuration, it's impossible to say from a layman's perspective. Considering that a number of people have come forward about this exact same issue via a number of different avenues, it seems kinda poor form on Line6's part to not address it, or even acknowledge that it exists.
  7. @firstmiro does the iRig HD 2 accept stereo input? That was the big requirement for me, as the Sonic Port has a 1/8" stereo jack in (along with the Lightning out for Core Audio stereo), and it didn't look to me like any of the iRig stuff had the same feature. As an update to this whole thing: I opened a support ticket with Line 6, who mostly just suggested trying different cables. I tried a LOT of different cables and connections, but nothing solved the issue. HOWEVER, I did try the Sonic Port with an iPad Mini 4 that I have available to me, and I got none of the same issues. Line 6 insist they tested it with the iPhone 6s and got none of the same issues. My best guess at this point is that it actually may be something to do with the passive power consumption of the Sonic Port. As it happens, my phone is also eligible for a free replacement battery, so I might get that replaced (because it's free) and see if it makes a difference.
  8. Okay, having spoken to a very knowledgeable audio engineer friend, my best guess is this: The Sonic Port outputs at 24bit/48khz, which is the native frequency in the latest iOS models. However, from everything that I've read, it appears that iOS GarageBand's frequency is fixed at 44.1khz, and the 'forced line-up' of the two mismatched frequencies is causing these static pops. It seems to get worse the longer the app is open too (although this might be a coincidence). It's worth noting that I've found someone else complaining about exactly the same issue (Sonic Port + GarageBand) on an Amazon review: https://www.amazon.co.uk/forum/-/Tx11NLWK261AISV/ref=ask_dp_dpmw_al_hza?asin=B00CS4L7DK
  9. I purchased a new Sonic Port from Amazon yesterday, and started using it straight away with GarageBand on my iPhone 6s (running iOS 10.1.1). No connection issues and everything seemed to work great... but then, when listening back, I noticed that there were random clicks every so often. Initially I thought it might be clipping, but the input volume was pretty low and the waveform was nowhere near clipping levels. This was using a stereo out from my electro-acoustic drum brain. Then, this morning, I tried recording some bass guitar - totally different set of cables - the only common components were the Sonic Port and my iPhone. I noticed the clicking (which sounds very much like clipping) almost immediately. And most noteworthy of all is that the clicking was happening when there was no sound coming from my instrument - it was just plugged into the preamp, but the pickup volume was all the way down, so it definitely wasn't clipping. As far as I can see it, there are only two possibilities: it's either the Sonic Port, or it's GarageBand (or, by extension, an issue with iOS 10 and the audio interface with GarageBand). has anyone else had this issue? Should I return it?
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