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  1. No luck, still stopped. I've tried calling and it ended with basically saying sometimes it's just not compatible except that isn't the case. Worked when i had window 7 for 8 months but now when i go to windows 10 it's nothing but problems.
  2. Understood. I just did it about 10 minutes ago, so we'll so if that was an issue or not. Thank you for the suggestion. I believe after this, theirs no other option then to buy a new product.
  3. If i haven't reinstalled this from when i ran on windows 7 to my reformat of windows 10 would this have any affect on the current way its installed? Not sure if by default it was already installed when i reinstalled the drivers, if not then it's possible the firmware is from windows 7? I'm just trying to think of everything.
  4. What do you mean the firmware? I assume that's different from the line 6 ux2 drivers that come with monkey. If so, yes I've reinstalled the drivers inside monkey.
  5. I cannot tell if the issue is coming from something being with my UX2 or Pod farm. The sound stops transmitting, as i notice the small needles in the front of the UX2 stop moving, and the "Out" that shows my voice transmitting on pod farm stops as well. It happens randomly and i can't duplicate it. I just reformatted to Windows 10 from 7, where i used the UX2 as well and never had any issues. What I've done so far : Updated drivers (Reinstalled multiple times) Turned power settings to high (Everything set to never shut off) Turned off sleep mode/power saving mode Updated audio drivers for motherboard I'm not sure if it possible that i didn't install something properly after reformatting that requires the UX2 to run efficiently. For example something for my motherboard. Windows updates, etc. I doubt this is the issue. The temporary fix to get the mic working again after it shuts off is to change the format inside the line 6 UX2 audio interface in windows settings, closing pod farm and reopening it. I can also unplug the usb from the back and it resets then as well. I'm completely in need of help and ever so stuck. Please..someone help me. SSD/HD: Corsair Force LX Series 512GB Memory: GSkill Ripjaw DDR4/2800MHz 16GB Motherboard: MSI x99S GAMING 7 ATX PSU: Corsair 850W CSM 80 Plus Gold GPU: Nvidia 980 4GB GDDR5 CPU: Intel Core i7-5820k Six-Core 3.30GHz
  6. I have installed Line6 Monkey, POD Farm 2 and Gearbox, phantom power is on for the AT2035 which is require, i also even got a second AT2035/ULX Cable to make sure that was not the issue. I am completely lost on how to get this working, it is not detecting the mic, no volume levels are moving anywhere inside my recording on windows, POD Farm or the UX2 mixer. Please help me..
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