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  1. I have a spider IV 15W, and used to have a Spider V 120W. I assumed the Spider V would be a good step up. Wrong! Best advice I once was given, and can only suggest here is, if you're going to buy any kind of audio equipment - go listen first! I didn't, not for the Spider V anyway. As soon as I switched it on I knew I didn't like it. So I read the reviews. Not good. I took on-board the positive advice. I played with the settings. I downloaded hundreds of tones. I downloaded the 'rated' tones. I stuck with it for a year. I struggled. One night my wife needed the room where my gear is. For convenience I took my Spider IV 15W downstairs to practice. Hadn't switched it on in months, but OMW it sounded good. That is - compared to the Spider V! I knew then I had to change! I traded in my Spider V 120W, Shortboard mkII, & Relay G10 - toward a Boss Katana 100/212. I've not stopped smiling since!!! This time I went to the shop & listened. I shortlisted a Marshall, Blackstar & Orange tube amp (all 5W to 15W - home & small venue). Didn't like the Marshall or Blackstar in the end. Orange was only ok for me. Turns out I prefer open back combos over closed back. This isn't the reason why the Spider V doesn't work for me though. Spider V = lots of fizz, poor tone & no cut through! Big shout out to Reidys, Blackburn, UK here. The guy gave me 15 mins on each amp, listened to my comments - then said - I know what you'll like. As soon as I heard the Katana 100/212 I was smiling. As I said - I've not stopped smiling since. Not a modelling amp - but 4 (+acoustic) styles + effects, & geesh it's loud!!!! Wife hates it!!!! Main things - good tone at all gains and volumes! I might be a Boss/Roland convert. Going to listen to a GT-100 next week. My advice - go listen!! My suggestion - don't buy a Spider V - buy a Boss Katana. Buy a 100W. Buy the 100/212 if you can! Note - I had lots of tech with my Spider V setup. I had the radio link, tuner, and volume/wah pedals and more... I don't have these with the Katana. (I did buy the GA-FC on day one to be able to select the channels). But so what - sound quality is king. Tech is 2nd. I'll add those other features back over time. But - only after I've listened first!!!
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