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  1. Is it possible to connect the Helix to the Spider V 240HC you have?, have you tried it? how does it sound just through the head speakers?, they are suppose to be FR speakers. Thanks
  2. Thank you all for your suggestions and support, I managed to solve it, in this case by keep trying....after 15 times, number 16th worked, doing exactly the same as the previous 15 times.
  3. I did....but it failed...Tried 3 more times, and it keeps failing....I'll stay with version 2.12 for now
  4. Somehow I managed to get firmware 2.12 installed and now it is working....I think I had enough for today, my Helix doesn't seem to like 2.20 version, after today I think I'll wait for a few weeks before trying again to update. Thank you all for the suggestions and support.
  5. Nono, second time it just failed, no power cut this time...
  6. After being able to reinstall 2.11 and then tried to update again to 2.20 and failing again, now all I get in the big LCD screen is weird symbols, not even the Helix logo shows OK, all weird symbols... BTW, I did try a factory reset, tried 9 &10, tried 6 & 12, tried 5 & 6....
  7. I did manage to reinstall the previous firmware version I had installed (2.11), but then tried again to install 2.20, it failed again and now I'm again where I was, can't make it work now....
  8. Ok, here we go. I was updating to 2.20 and right in the middle of it there was a power cut in my house (it was a quick one, but enough for the PC to get restarted in the middle of the update). Update obviously failed, now when I turn on the Helix (floor), all the LCD screens are blank, nothing happens, and tried to start the update again but it fails, it says that an error occurred. Tried to start the Helix with F6 and F12 pressed which should boot in Safe Mode, but nothing happends the update keeps failing, all the LCDs are in blank...arrrrrrrrrrrrrggggghhh!!! I'm so pissed, just when I decided to update the helix the power cut happends......any help is appreciated. More info, when I turn the Helix On, the Line 6 Updater says the unit has already firmware 2.20 installed....just in case somebody already went through this nightmare and can share a workaround....I'm going nuts... Thanks
  9. It is solved. I changed from a front USB port to a USB port in the back of the PC and the firnware was updated sucessfully, and the Helix came back to life!!!! Thanks
  10. HELP!!! Guys I need your help. I just got my Helix an hour ago. I turned it on, it booted OK, it came with firmware version 1.03. Went to the line 6 site, followed the instructions for updating to the latest firmware 2.11. The update failed, now everytime I turn on the Helix I get a message that says "Boot failure. Entered Update Mode!" and I see a red ":0" at the top left side of the Helix screen. I have tried to turn it off and press F6 and F12 together and turn it on again but I get the same error "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode!". I'm going crazy here, I haven't even use it yet, I can't believe this is happening, I really need your help here. I also tried to update the firmware manually by downloading the firmware file from line 6 site and then started the Line 6 Updater in offline mode, but the update keeps failing. I have Windows 10, I don't have another PC to try it. I tryied also chaging the USB port as I read somewhere that a user fixed it doing this, but in my case, it didn't help Any ideas? Thanks a lot
  11. My initial idea was this I could try this too ...I just need to get the adapter JimBenson is talking about Thank guys, tomorrow once I get my helix, I'll try to make this work.
  12. Thanks for the quick answer rvroberts, one more question, when you say to use the Yamaha like a stereo system, how should I connect the Yamaha to the Helix?, the Yamaha THR10x has the imput where the guitar goes, then it has a headphone jack and an aux, which one should I use of those and to where should I connect it into the Helix? Thanks again, you are really helpfull. Cheers, Matias
  13. Hi guys, First post here. A lot of usefull information to read. I will be receiving my Helix tomorrow but I want to plan ahead so I can start using it as soon as it arrives to my house. I don't have monitors or a speaker yet, and it will take me a while to get ones because my budget went all to the Helix, so in a few months I will be getting maybe an Alto TS212 speaker or similar, but for now I want to know if I can use the Helix this way: - I have a Yamaha THR10x connected to my PC via USB - I want to connect also the Helix via USB to my PC. So my idea is to connect the guitar to the helix and be able to listen the Helix via the Yamaha THR10x, like if the Yamaha would be the speaker system, the Helix will be the IN, the Yamaha will be the OUT, is it clear enough?, my english is limited as is not my first language, so forgive me if it's a little difficult to catch the idea of what I want to do. Thank you very much for your help. Cheers, Matias
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