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  1. Hi again. Tried but cannot find any icons on the screen. I am currently controlling from my Samsung S7 phone. Could this be the problem? Do i need to control the app from another device? A bit frustrating as i didnt expect this many issues.
  2. Thanks for that, very helpful.
  3. Hi all. How do i save stuff found on the cloud as a preset. Probably a stupid question but im not too tech savy. Thanks all!
  4. Hi again guys. Just a couple of questions you may be able to help me with on the FBV3. Have not actually tried it out properly yet. Is there a way you can assign the a-d pedals with any preset available on the spider v? Does the sortware download on the line6 page enable control over such features. I probably sound stupid asking such questions but this tech is all new to me. Used to old school methods. Any help would be great. Thanks again guys. 😊
  5. Ended up returning the Express mk2 and now have the FBV3. Should have no problems now. Thanks for the info everyone.
  6. Spider v with express mk2. Where can i find a decent manual to figure out the best operation of this pedal. Online manual has nothing on use with this amp. Bought it and now want to junk it. Not cool.
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