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  1. Hello All It was Operator Error - the update did the trick. What an absolutely brilliant bit of kit! Can't believe I can play Pink Floyd and not be David Gilmour through the same speakers - fantstic!! Thanks for everybody's help. Rob
  2. Interesting you say that, I do get an alert about that, so clearly need to sort - will report back thank you
  3. Hello I am not a guitarist and I am rapidly approaching retirement. However I decided to buy an Anplifi 75 because it looked really good. So I did and received great service from Merchant Music in Glasgow by the way. I immediately got my i-Phone 5 to play music through it - this is looking great I thought, better download the app to be able to play all those funky sounds through my (1996) Stratorcaster. Hmm, dream on. Initially I had what looked like a library of effects on the app but these appear to have been lost or deleled. Moving the sliders has no effect whatsoever. Irritatingly the 'CONNECTED' word appears over the tabs at the bottom, obscuring what looks like, in a glimpse before it disappears, a volume knob. I am 100% sure this is operator error but please do help. I have removed the app and reinstalled, made no difference, clearly I have something not turned on - but what? Thanks in advance! Rob
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