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  1. I recently bought the Mission SP1-L6H for my Helix and it is working good! I want to use it to increase my gain in my amps mainly, but does anyone know a good way to do this with an expression pedal without increase the volume of the amp? Can you somehow get the volume attached to the expression pedal so it will go inverse to the gain? So when gain goes up on the pedal, the volume goes down? Just curious if anyone else has done this yet. Thanks!
  2. I am new to Helix and have a question. I have a peavy classic 30 amp that I have a clean channel and a distrorted channel that I can switch back and forth on with a foot switch. Do the amps on Helix have this functionality to go clean to distorted like my Peavey? I realize not all amps might have this but for the one in real life that do, does the Helix do this also?
  3. sbeam3

    Clean tone question

    I am new to Helix and I am trying to find a good clean country music type tone. Has anyone got any advice on which amps would work better for this?
  4. I have only had my Helix for a little over a week. I have set up a decent combination of effects to give me a clean tone and dirty. What I would like is to be able to boost my volume for solos. I've seen videos where people put in 3db volume boosts but I am not sure how they do it. I don't want to change my tone, just volume boost. Any advice?
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