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  1. I have been importing the 48K, although resolution is 24 bit. I believe Helix converts to 48K/16 bit when samples are higher. I get the same error message when importing single or multiple IR's.
  2. New to Helix, and the forum. I'm trying to import demo IR's from Ownhammer and RedWire. I just upgraded to firmware 2.20. I get a "Malformed URI" when I try to import in the editor. This happens with both companies' demos, and whether I select a group of files, or a single file. Same when I try to drag the files from file explorer. I'm running Windows 7. Any ideas on what might be causing this? I haven't imported IR's before, but it looks pretty straightforward to me, and I did read the instructions. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve
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