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  1. Jeromebailey

    Trying to install vintage Pack on pod 500

    Just bought vintage pack but really struggling to understand instructions. Using windows 10 and have disabled edge screen. Downloaded licence but don't know where it's located. Have code from L6 but not clear how to input it. I'm very unfamiliar with it all and considering getting a refund. James
  2. My 12 string settings dont sound very good. I've seen a fix on the forum but when I click on it it doesn't take me to the link.
  3. Ive just taken delivery of my JTV59 and the website download page says that It doesnt have workbench available at this time. Ive input James Taylor Variax and tried both Variax Workbench and HD Workbench. Im using windows 10. but still comes back with same message. Totally confusing. Any help? James