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  1. Can I get the Marshall Plexi sound and the superlead sound and is there a modded pkexi sound on the go
  2. Got windows 10, installed vc_redist.64, got Latest frameworks Remote just won’t start won’t start even if I run as administrator
  3. I tried to add my hd500 in front of my pedal chain... guitar into hd500x, come out of right mono into the start of my stompboxes then out of my 10 pedals into my amplifier. I didn't have a fuzz pedal so I wanted and felt like adding a fuzz face to my pedal chain so thought of my hd500x to add a pedal I didn't have, but when I added just a fuzz face to the hd500x and wanted no amplifier in the hd500x cause I was using my own amp the volume was low even with guitat volume turned all the way up? Where should I put my hd500x in front or at the end of my pedal chain? Which mono should I come out of right or left or is there another way to connect it into my pedal chain new to trying to add them both together? Thanks
  4. I did, read it twice, don't assume I didn't!!! We all can't be as smart as you and rude There's some things I couldn't figure out sorry for annoying you but I thank all the others who helped me a very big thanks to all other but the smart***
  5. how do i move my presets I made that I put in the user x , can I move my presets I made say to another setlist
  6. How do you have 512 presets I only saw 36 in my list on the software, Where are the empty presets? How many presets are in a set list and how many set lists in bundle? I confide on set lists and bundles? I gets patches are pressets
  7. How do I save all the presets in the hd 500x. Then delete the copies for example there are two metal scooped that have the same effects , eqs volume delay, How do I delete them in the software. I got 36 presets, how do you gets a 128 presets is the only ways to get the 5 way switch, I'd rather delete the copies of presets than overwrite them
  8. Diablo1

    Line 6 hd 500x

    I got two amps one amp I connected to the right unbalanced the other amp is connected to the left unbalanced, On my hd 500x I'm confused if I put two simulated amps in the view box screen one on the top and one on the bottom, I don't know which amp in the view screen is the right amp and which one is going to the left? Is the top amp going to the right or left? And the bottom amp on the view screen which is that going to the right of left real amp Thanks
  9. Diablo1

    6505 amp

    What's the 5150 named in the amp simulator
  10. Diablo1

    6505 amp

    Is their a bundle you can buy and download
  11. Diablo1

    6505 amp

    Is there a 6505 and 6505+ Amp simulation on the hd 500x
  12. How do you start a new preset from scratch without modifying the presets that are already on the hd 500x, , how do you start your own blank preset from scratch?
  13. I get that when I put the cursor over the effects, but when I click on it the drop down pointed downward arrow, it doesn't drop down a menu so no choices to choose from
  14. Is the menu one of the tabs on the top when file tab is? Thanks
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