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  1. Hello, I played guitar one evening and everything was fine. The next time I played, the volume/wah rocker pedal ceased having any functionality. The unit wasn't moved, or even touched between sessions, and yet somehow, volume/wah no longer does anything at all. I've attempted re-calibrating it with the "Power off, hold D, power on D, press toe switch, etc" method, many many times. Each time, when the process is complete, and I move the volume rocker pedal, the 7-light display (which should indicate when pedal is moved) stays fully lit (all 7 leds lit). I opened the back panel to see if a internal mechanism may have gotten loose (expecting to see a cable or similar connecting the pedal to the chasis), but it is apparently a proximity switch with no physical contact (aside from it's rocker axle). Looking for suggestions / advice on how to get it working again. Is there some way to perform a hard-reset? Any other suggestions? Thanks! Mark
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