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  1. Can you please let us the make/model/item# details of your item? I live in the USA and the link you posted only shows a blank Amazon.de page. Thanks!
  2. I have a new Sonic Port VX and I love the inputs and outputs for my iPad. Others on this forum have mentioned the need for a Pop filter to lessen plosives on the fantastic microphone and I thought I’d share my homemade efforts. It’s a “Binder Clip” that I covered with Velcro, it holds a short Pencil (I used a draftsman Pencil from a Hardware Store because it’s thicker onone side). I drilled a little hole through the pencil and attached a 4” embroidery hoop through the hole. And of course Panty hose across the hoop. It’s tiny, portable, attaches tightly to the Sonic Port VX and sounds crystal clear while eliminating the Pops and plosives on my terrible singing. Whole costs less than $5 to whip together.
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