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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply which by the way is spoken like a true BICSI tech. Essentially Cat 7's individual pair shielding plus overall shield would be overkill? Well, I like overkill at times!
  2. I've always set the fine tuners just a bit higher than mid-point on their threads when restringing I also have a Tremol-No which locks my bridge down making the whole process much easier. You two might like the guitar I'm currently building, I have a NOS Fender System One bridge and a vintage Strat 1-piece MIJ swamp ash contemporary body factory routed for the FS1. I abandoned the Fender locking nut because it's just plain.......hideous and will use staggered height tuners and an LSR. If you've never played an FS1 Strat you don't know what you're missing, the bridge is a mechanical work of art and adds a tremendous amount of sustain...
  3. No response on using Cat 7 cable for the VDI, c'mon I know someone here knows... <_<
  4. Please clarify, are your referring to the nut on the tuner or locking nut? If the locking nut why would any modifications be required?
  5. Still no one knows if Planet Waves Auto-Trim locking tuners will work in an 89F without modification?
  6. Hey Palico, You're welcome! Now about those locking tuners for an 89F, anybody?
  7. Has anyone tried Cat 7 cable for the VDI cable? Cat 5/5e is rather dated technology having since been surpassed by both Cat 6 and 7 with Cat 8 on the horizon. With Cat 7 each pair is shielded as well all four pairs. Also what is the pin-out for the VDI cable or is it straight thru? Thanks...
  8. Hey there psarkissian, Yes I am aware the "F" indicates Floyd Rose -in this case a licensed Graph Tech variant- Double Locking tremolo bridge. Just need to confirm the Planet Waves Auto-Trim tuners will fit without ANY modifications to the 89F?? Hi MaxTravelor, Yes again, it makes string changes a breeze. I know it's redundant on a double locking system however like I said in my OP I have become spoiled over the years with every guitar even my acoustics sporting locking tuners. I have never tried the Plant Waves Auto-Trim locking tuners but it sure would mean no more "dikes" to keep in my case or gig bag. Plus, Floyd Rose is now offering their Turbo Trem Arm which has a built in allen wrench meaning no more wrench caddy's screwed to the backside of my headstocks and/or wrenches to misplace or lose. About an hour on the phone with Graph Tech and Floyd Rose assures me the Turbo Trem Arm will work with the bridge on the 89F. Call me a freak but 40+ years as an electrician or electrical contractor now retired I have seen and held my fair share of tools and I'm really enjoying living a tool-less if not less tools life...
  9. Okay further research suggests that Planet Waves Auto-Trim tuners should drop right in an 89/89F, can someone please confirm this? I don't want to drill new anti-rotation holes if unnecessary.
  10. The "F" has the FR bridge I wouldn't think it comes with locking tuners since it might be considered redundant. Info I've found indicates sealed 16:1 tuners no mention of locking...
  11. I just ordered a new JTV-89F and I am very much looking forward to its arrival. I would however prefer locking tuners, I've been spoiled over the years and can't live without them. What locking tuners will work on the JTV-89F? Thanks in advance!
  12. Yes thank you again psarkissian, with the new measurements and my confirming them for profile, my JTV-89F in Blood Red should ship 3/9/17 if all goes as planned.
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