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  1. Howdy forum, I don't post much but play my JTV strat all the time! I thought I'd have to change the neck and the pickups when I got he guitar, but I've grown to really like them. Question: I have the S/S/S JTV. What are kind of pickups in this guitar? Can I buy them from James Tyler's website to put in other guitars? What are the specs on the stock pickups? For whatever reason, I really like these :) thanx :)
  2. Yea, I tried 2 different cables. The battery compartment lights showed all 4 lights for a fully charged battery but all I got were the mag pickups. . the variax system was DOA. I just shipped it back to musicians friend for an exchange. Otherwise, it played nicely. I even fooled around with the workbench. There's not option for body wood in the workbench, is there?
  3. Hey, so I got the guitar and I fully charged the battery and nothing is happening when I use the variax knobs. No light go on. I just get the magnetic pickups. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to exchange the guitar (for a non defective model)?
  4. Hey, so I ordered a white S/S/S JTV69. It should be here in a bit and when I get it maybe I'll post pics. I played a Tyler studio elite once. If its anything like that, it should be good.
  5. I noticed he was using a variax and keep watching this video to gain some insight- Kevin is a hugely underrated player! The tone he got on the first 3eb album is one of the best I've ever heard. If the 89 has a Wizard neck, I think I'll skip it. I can't find the 69' anywhere to play :( I guess its between that and the yamaha.
  6. Howdy, This is my first post on the forum and I'm seeking some help. I'm looking to purchase a Variax, but don't know what model to get? I'm a big stickler for neck shapes. My main guitar is a Musicman Axis (if that helps) I like shreddy necks, but not Ibanez thin necks. Think EVH/Charvel San Dimas type necks. 1) What is the neck of the 89' like as compared to the 69'? Which guitar will get me closest to a Axis/ Charvel neck feel? I read somewhere on the forum that a stewmac neck is a drop-in replacement. Is that true? Would the mounting holes need to be redrilled? 2) The big reason I'm interested in a Variax are the tuning options. I play in a lot of different tunings- the weirdest being DADF#AE. I picked it up from a Third Eye Blind song, and use it all the time now. Is there a way to save that tuning? The 89 and 69 come with different tuning options. Which is better? If I got the 89, could I change the tunings. I don't tune super low. I think I'd like the tuning options of the 69' more, but might like the neck of the 89' more. 3) I read somewhere about high gain guitar modeling. What are the guitars? In the workbench, would it be possible to pair a hig gain pickup with a jazbox type guitar? The Living End is one of my favorite bands and I'd love to emulate their tones. 4) I played the Standard at a GC and liked the neck, but felt the frets needed a good polishing or SS frets. I played the 69 a long time ago and never played the 89' How do all these guitars compare?
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