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  1. Many thanks for your response. It was very helpful. If I use the 1/4 inch try to dual 1/4 inch TVs does it change the stereo signal from the port to mono? I would then need to find settings in bias fx to send to set up left right outputs to the monitors? Is that correct? John
  2. Also another question for anyone that might know the answer to the above. Is the output signal from the sonic port balanced or unbalanced. The monitors I am considering have xlr inputs which I believe are balanced and an unbalanced input.
  3. Hi, I have a sonic port that I currently run through my amp with bias fx. I would like to get a pair of studio monitors to be able to listen purely to the modelling of the software without the amp 'muddying' the sound. I am lookin at a pair of alesis monitors that have a left and right 1/4 jack inputs on the rear of the powered monitor. The sonic port only has a single 1/4 out. I see hosa make a splitter cable but I was wondering if this will be ok to use with the sonic port as I assume the signal comes out in stereo and the splitter would then take a stereo signal to the monitors. Probably a dumb question but I know nothing about audio and I assume the monitors individually are in mono and it's only when they are connected to each other that a stereo signal is created. So is a single split cable to the left and right inputs of the monitor going to cause any issues with the sound. I am trying to clean up the sound by purchasing the monitors rather than using the amp and bias fx. Many thanks
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