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  1. I have no problem in standard but all the other alternate tunings it's like double sound on some strings
  2. Reply to uber guru answer is : no Reply to just starting answer is : sound like the mp3 files you attached, exact same sound in my guitar
  3. Hello I have a issue with Ghost Notes In Alternate Tunings on my Variax Standard bought desember 2016, some tunings low E. A, D and E, sounds awful. Reinstalled Workbench HD 2.12 and I tried reflashing the guitar, it's the same. in standard tunning no problem. is there anybody who's got this issue?, what can i do? I have Line6 monkey 1.72 Workbench HD 2.12 USB firmware 1.03 and TylerVariax_2.21 Line6 monkey say : This item is up to date.
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