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  1. Got a deal (steal) on a like new DT25 head for $199. I'm running it thru an Avater 2x12 bass cab for the time being, and I really like the amp so far. I really like position IV for the lead tones and position II for crunch. My only issue is one I've read other places ... the lack of headroom in position I. If the break-up was more musical, like a cranked Peavey Classic 20, I wouldn't mind it at all. I'd just roll the volume pot on the guitar down to clean it up. But mine makes more like a CLANK sound when it starts to clip. Doesn't sound anything like a dimed out old Deluxe or Champ. Sounds more like a bad SS amp dimed. No bueno. So ... Anyone tried a different tube set for more headroom in the Blackface model? Or are the tubes completely bypassed in the pre-amp modelling. Any ideas? I play a lot of clean blues, country, and Stray Cats type stuff. Gotta have good cleans to go with the gorgeous cranked tones.
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