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  1. One month ago, I bought an Amplifi TT Normaly I use it by headphone or directly in an house stereo system: I have Problem to create a realistic distortion sound, because all distortions look like "mosquitos". A friend of mine use Pod HD500X and he has solved this problem by acting on internal effect parameters. Could you tell me if you have experience in this regard and what are the solutions?
  2. Hello Last week I bought aAmplifi TT I encountered a problem in reproducing sounds distorted with headphones or entering directly into a mixer or Hi-Fi: distortion look like a "mosquito" and are not true to distortion reproduced by amps + effects pedals. A friend of mine, owner of a pod hd500x , explained to me that he had encountered the same problem with the Pod and solved it by acting on an output adjustment (line or amp) on a particular menu of Pod. I have looked for in the menu of AmplifiTT but i have not found it. There is the possibility to correct this problem nell'Amplifi TT?
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