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  1. Posted this over at The Gear Page too: I recently sold a HD500X I had been using via 4CM to my amp for effects. Being a Helix Native user I figured there should be a way to get Native running into my amp via my DI (Komplete Audio 6) and put the time based effects in the amp’s effects loop and distortions, etc. into the front of the amp. I was able to do this perfectly using Reaper and my DI. Items you need: A DI with two inputs and two outputs Reaper Helix Native The connections to your DI setup is as follows: Guitar into DI input 1 Front of amp into DI output 1 Amp effects loop send into DI input 2 Amp effects loop return into DI output 2 Next Reaper: In Reaper create two tracks Track 1 set the Input to Input 1 on your DI Click the Routing button in Reaper and unckeck the Master Send box (upper left corner) In that same Routing dialog box, under Audio Hardware Outputs, click “Add new hardware output” and set it to Output 1 Repeat these exact same steps for Track 2 except set the input to Input 2 and when you “Add new hardware output” change the output to Output 2 Helix Native: In Reaper add Helix Native instance for Track 1 and another instance of Native for Track 2 Track 1 = where you put all your Noise Gate, Distortions, etc. Track 2 = All time based effects, Delay, Reverb, etc. You have to manage two separate Native instances (one in each track) but this approach totally works and the effects sound just as you would expect. Fantastic!
  2. I just purchased two Alto TS212 powered speakers and I'm running a HD500X into them via the 1/4 outputs from the HD500X and it sounds amazing to me. I also have a Marshall DSL100H and two 4x12 cabinets and use the HD500X via 4 cable method for the effects from the HD500X and that sounds great too. My question is if I upgrade to a HELIX (regular or LT) what will I gain or lose from an effects standpoint? I really like the sound of the effects (OD, reverbs and delays) from the HD500X and the JCM800 model and 1960A cab sim sound very good through the Alto TS212 speakers as do the Fender amps and related cab sims. And running 4 cable method through my DSL100H the effects from the HD500X are stellar. I don't see how the effects in the HELIX can be that much improved over the HD500X but I assume it's possible. Has anyone here gone through something similar upgrading from HD500X to HELIX for 4 primarily the effects upgrades?
  3. I don’t know about the Helix but on the HD500X you have to be sure to set the Outputs (Setup > Outputs) to STACK PWR AMP )it’s defaulted to Studio/Direct). This drastically changes the sound of the output. I use 4CM from a HD500X into a Marshall DSL 100H and only use the 500X for the effects and as long as you set it up right it sounds perfect.
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