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  1. Dear members, ik have bought in januari of this year a new Line 6 Helix floorboard in the Netherlands. Positive Points: 1] The user interface is easy, strong and you can make a lot of sound loops 2] There is a huge amount of connection posibilities thats very good to rig the Helix in your sound set 3] The case is heavy stage quality Negative points: 1] During a play session, my 90days old Helix is defect. the following happens: the interface screen light up very strong for a couple of seconds and after that my Helix is "dead". i shut of the Helix with the switch and wait 1 minute and after that is switch it on again. Result = nothing only a little background lightup from the button displays and the user interface is total black and does nothing. Guarantee: I returned my Helix floorboard back to the reseller and ask for a new floorboard. Answer from the reseller is: a new floorboard is not possible because the floorboard is older then 30days after purchase date. The reseller send the floorboard back to Line6 for repair. I am just still waiting for the answer, it's 3 weeks ago that my Helix is going defect. My feeling about the quality of this Helix floorboard is not good because my questions are: a] How is it possible that the printed circuitboard is going defective after 90 days (by normal and gently usage) ? b] Who gives guarantee that the rest of the hardware from my floorboard is stable ? c] The main displays light up very strong, that means that the power supply generates a higher voltage. is the display invisible damaged after these strong light up ? d] Who gives mee my good feeling back that after repair, the rest from the hardware is in a good condition and that other components are not invisible damaged ? Purchase date: 14-01-2017 Part description: 99-060-0102 Helix EU Part Number: N77023725 Serial Number: (21)HDF2V6612000053 delivered with firmware: 2.01.0 going defective by firmware: 2.11
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