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  1. Thank you for your reply. I did get it working. As far as controlling external drive pedals, it's possible by setting up a scene with the affects loop set to off, while this works, if you switch to another scene while using the loop, it activates those pedals again(of course). It would work in a non amp FX Loop scenario if everything was running in front, not my desired outcome though.
  2. My current issue with my M13 is that my FX bank3 has a mind of its own. I use the M13 in scene mode with manual save active. I am using the original power supply and there are no other issues presently happening other than this one. Each scene I have set up is a part to a song; intro, chorus, outro etc... The parameters specifically for my delay time settings in FX bank3 will decide to move around all on their own. As if I am using an expression pedal to control the delay times. I don't even have an expression pedal hooked up and all of the settings are flat in set up for the expression pedal. For instance, a scene with a 435ms delay will waver between 435ms to 700ms. Sometimes slow sometimes fast. As if a ghost is turning the knob. It's not always those exact numbers, this is just for reference. Sometimes it will happen the first time I fire it up and go into a pre saved scene. Sometimes it won't rear its head until when I need that critical dotted 8th delay and it decides to warble from whole note, to quarter, to eighth, and so on. All happening while I am playing a part the requires dotted 8th of course, thus creating a sea of warbled mess. I can usually backout of the scene, go back and recall the preset as it was originally saved, even this has become unpredictable as of late though as the issue just continues. Ever hear of an issue like this? I really need my delay settings to map to the tempo I am playing with my band. Right now it's becoming a crapshoot with this issue. Any recommendations or tips for any fixes? Ever hear of this before? I know I saw one post about this awhile ago, but my searching efforts turned up nothing. If you have seen this, how do you go about trying to fix it? It's really now rendering my M13 useless in a live scenario. Any help or suggestions is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Purchased an m13 the other day. I want to use it mainly for delays and verbs for now. I would also like to keep bank 4 for fuzzes, screamer, and classic distortion for future consideration of dumping my external dirt boxes. Current Chain before the m13 was purchased Guitar>tu-2>ibanez ts9>Daredevil black yorba fuzz>line 6 m5>tc electronic spark mini>vox ac30 c2 Of course I'm ditching the m5 for the m13. I would like to take advantage of the ac30's fx loop and the m13's fx loop while also being able to continue using the ts9 and black yorba for now (the spark mini will probably not stay). I would like to do this using the 4cm. How would I set the fx loop settings on m13 and how would I chain it together? I would like to use the 4321 setting as this is how my brain sees signal flow. Lastly, I think I read somewhere that I could leave the ts9 and black yorba on all the time and utilize the m13 to control when they are fed through the signal, Is this true? If so, how would I do this?. Thanks in advance for your patience with me as I'm a complete noob when it comes to multi effects.
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