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  1. Hello people, I'm recently having trouble with the Firehawk FX bluetooth, it just does not turn on. I press the button to turn on the blue light and nothing happens, I've tried all the ways, restarting, resetting, and nothing happens. I took in an authorized technical assistance in Brazil, and they simply do not know what the problem is, they claim that it is coming in contact normally to the processor. the solution they gave me is to change the motherboard, in which the price would be the same as a Firehawk FX, 533 $! Yes in Brazil everything is very expensive. besides treating me very badly. I am completely disappointed with Line 6, as neither a PC editor they bothered to do for us. now I'm having a problem because I can not change timbres using the app, and let's agree that the LIVE editor is very bad. Sorry for my bad English, I do not speak anything in English and I'm using the translator's help.
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