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  1. Thx, for the suggestion. Might be a bit too much for my needs, but that is a good idea to keep in mind.
  2. What do you have in mind for possibilities with the Helix. Running in both different input would do what? Or what do you do exactly? Thx
  3. thx for the input. In order to get my feet wet with wireless system, I bought a Line G10 for now, very simple and sounds good to me for now. Haven't tried it with the band yet or gig, but for home use it is very convenient. I will definitely get a bigger system (rack mountable) in the near future. Might grab a used one if it popped on classified add. Thx again for sharing your experiences.
  4. If you had to choose between the 2, which one would you play with? Did you get a chance to try the G55? Thx
  5. I might also lean towards the Shure GLXD14, it got some interesting features. Anyone has experience with it or has been able to compare it with the Line 6 wireless products. I saw a tread on it on the Fractal forum and a lot of positive things came out for the Shure. Thx again
  6. I will check these ones more in details. thx for the suggestion. Regards
  7. Thx for the replies guys. I will have to make my own experiment once I set myself with a wireless system in particular. Any recommendations for a system that works great for you would be appreciated. I don't want to spend of a lot of money if I don't have too, but I know it is cheaper on the long run to buy the good kit first instead of going affordable and then upgrade later on. I have in mind the G90, G50-55 series (but not rack mountable) or a product from Shure. Thoughts? Thx again
  8. Ok, thx a lot for the help. Much appreciated
  9. Hi, Thx for the reply. So that would works exactly like the normal Guitar Input? Thx again
  10. Hi, I got a Helix Rack with the controller (which I LOVE by the way). I want in the near future to get a G90 wireless guitar system to add on my rack set up. The question I have is does the Helix Rack have an input that can be use from the back panel to connect the G90, I saw XLR mic In, but not sure how I would connect this. Want I would like to avoid is to run a short cable in between the rack gear to come on the front of the Helix and to plug it in the regular Guitar In. Appreciate your help. Thanks you Phil
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