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  1. I can't get my Note 8 to connect to V240. My battery save mode is off. It will connect for a moment but when I try to do anything like change tones through the app, it either won't respond or my phone will reboot all by itself. What am I doing wrong? My 99$ tablet from amazon has no problem connecting but a 900$ phone wont. Would this be a software issue with line 6 or samsung?
  2. Does anyone else notice a change in tone and respond when they are using the expression pedal to control pitch shift. When I assign the expression pedal to a pitch shift modulation with an overdriven tone, I notice a slight response delayet and a drop in drive. Sort of like I turned the drive down and walked to another room while using wireless. The delay time between playing a note and sound coming out is probably fractions of a millisecond but it's definitely noticeable. Then when I change to a tone without that modulation the problem goes away. Hmmm. I don't know man.
  3. OK so quick update. Found out by line 6 it was the main board. I sense a recall in the spider 5's future. After my local repair center in Ft.Worth kept replacing parts, Willie-nilly. The only part left was the main board. Line 6 took care of me as soon as I called them to let them know what my repair center was doing. At my request Line 6 just went ahead and replaced my whole amp and renewed my warranty.I should have just sent it to CA to begin with.
  4. I bought my amp in january it broke in mid march and has been at the repair center since March 31st. I was told today that the part to fix it wont even be in stock until middle of May. is anyone else out there having the same NO SOUND problem? Before i sent it i performed a factory reset and re downloaded all new firmware. Needless to say this did not resolve the issue. They are replacing the main board, pre amp and power supply. So frustrating, it seems like they should just send me a new amp. Now i am worried about the amp dying again in 7 months when my warranty is out.
  5. Yep. You have full functionality with the shortboard. I think The modulation and distortion or delay are flip floped but that can easily be fixed. When you write your own tones just assighn mod. To fx1 and your dist. To fx2. I might be off a little because I am not looking at mine right now but you get the idea.
  6. I have just experienced the same problem with my spider 5 240. No sound from anywhere. Guitar input, wireless or corded, AUX in, drum loops, guitar loops..... Nothing. I did a factory reset, but still experiencing the same issues. Also my FBV floorboard is not powering up an interview have tried different cat5 cables. I put in a support ticket, let's see what happens.
  7. I cannot figure out how to take a tone from the cloud and download it onto mu spider V 240 2X12. If anyone knows could you please share?
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