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  1. Hey Guys, Thanks for your replies and the warm welcome. I am in the UK by the btw. The first image shows how I found the guitar when I opened the box. This wasn't taken at the time, also the accessories were not as tidy as they are in this image. I put everything back in the box as I found it. The second image shows the contents of the boxes. The cable, I can see is for the USB connection for Workbench HD but is this the same one for playing if connected to my Firehawk FX, seems awfully short to me. While I appreciate that the manual can be downloaded, when they opened the box for store display everything from the box should have been kept in the box. Cheers
  2. Hi I recently purchased a Variax Standard from an online retailer which arrived today. I ordered this on Friday and it was stated on the website that I would receive the guitar the next day. I checked the order progress that evening to find that the guitar wasn't showing as being shipped. I emailed the retailer on Saturday who replied and apologised telling me that a colleague should have contacted me to say that there were a few blemishes to the finish on the front of the guitar. I was emailed pictures of these "blemishes" and asked "What do you think?" Now this was obviously a store guitar due to the marks on the finish so I replied to say "What do you mean, What do I think?" They replied offering me a free polishing kit and some strings, to which I responded that this was obviously a store demo guitar/B-Stock. I said I already had polish and strings and I wasn't prepared to pay full price for it in this condition. I was offered a discount of £30 off the guitar which I decided to accept as the marks didn't seem too bad, so I was excited to receive my Variax. However, when the guitar arrived I opened the box to find that considering the guitar already had "blemishes" they had packed it in the cardboard box without any covering around the guitar at all so the finish was unprotected and left to rub against the cardboard, I couldn't believe it! I have since discovered additional damage to the finish on the rear of the guitar. I have also watched an unboxing video on YouTube which clearly shows the guitar wrapped in some kind of foam sheeting/bag. To make matters worse I found the trem arm floating around loose in the box, free to fly around and make contact with the guitar finish while in transit. I have also noted that there are possibly items missing from the box. From the unboxing video there should be an instruction manual and allen keys, both of which are missing. I'm also not sure that the correct rj45 cable has been included either. Should there be one with the round metal shrouds around the connector which match the output socket on the guitar. If someone could post a photo of the cable that should be included I would be very grateful. Also what length is the cable that is included as this one seems incredibly short. Anyway to sum up, what I expected to be an exciting new guitar day has turned out to be a massive disappointment, and I feel that this dealer has let me and Line 6 down with their shoddy service and poor buying experience. End of rant!!. Thanks for listening guys. Cheers
  3. Hi guys, After a poor experience with a Line 6 Spider II amp I moved away from Line 6 products for quite a while. Then the Helix came out and I was really impressed but for now it is way out of my price range, and so is the Helix LT. I have a TC Nova System which I have always struggled to setup as it seemed overly complicated. So when I found out about the about the Firehawk it was not only affordable it looked so much easier to tweak. Getting to the point I bought a Firehawk and I love it, but after a few weeks I have found that the Expression Pedal has an intermittent mechanical clicking sound when rocking back and forth on it. I can 100% say that I have never put full weight on it as I am a guy of medium build so I always make sure that I keep the weight on my left leg and light pressure on the pedal. I just wondered if anyone else has experience this as it just doesn't sound right, so I am wondering if this can be adjusted out using the supply allen key or should I just return the unit for a replacement. Thanks in advance. C4ptainCh4os
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