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  1. zieke

    V 240 + HD500X ??

    I should have been more diligent and researched more. I can still take the Spider back but I really like the metronome and backing drumtracks....BUT I'm for sure buying the Shuriken. What do you suggest?
  2. zieke

    V 240 + HD500X ??

    So I learned of Variax not too long ago. I was going to buy a JTV-89 until I saw the Shuriken debut...now I'm holding out for that. I figured i would feed my GAS (gear acquistion syndrome) problem by preparing for it's arrival with some other accessories. I bought a HD500X....then a couple of days later I decided to trade 2 of my amps for a new Spider V 240. Question is, did I make a mistake? Can i use the HD500X with the Spider or should I exchange the HD500X for the FBV3.....BUT neither the FBV3 or the Spider have the Variax connection....HELP!
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