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  1. Vladimir, hello!  Could you contact me about repairing your HELIX LT?


  2. Sorry I didn't want to attack you. I opened a ticket but they redirect me to local distributor as I described before. And I was confused by "line6 expert", that is why I considered you as their employee. But I still believe it is a poor design after all. They told me in the ticket correspondence they have changed the design of chassi for the latest LT batches
  3. Yeah, of course, keep singing your song pretty bird, it sounds nice but has no meaning. Internet is swarming with LT broken exp.pedal cases. Who knows how many are there but not reported? How many 500 and/or 500x broken pedals have you heard of? How about senior HELIX model? Correct. None. I have seen couple people selling LT with broken pedals on AVITO(Russian EBAY) not knowing how to deal with the problem becuase A&T Trade - your distributor doesn't react as fast and friendly as LINE6 does for american customers. So they decide to get rid of it, because not everyone has the skill and knowledge to open up the body of the unit and see what is going on. Admit it, you made lollipop design for LT expression pedal chassi. Otherwise it is a good unit for it's price. (Sorry for sloppy english)
  4. Had the same issue. The solution below. Line6 website and my local ditrubutor(Russia, Moscow) couldnt give less lollipop about my problem. It's stronger than ever before. Works perfectly well for 4 gigs already. Don't expect it to give me problems.
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