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  1. Thanks for this. Can you tell me how to do whats you suggested? Eg. reinstall the firmware, do a global reset and then a pedal calibration, and finally reload your patches. M
  2. Thanks for the response. No I am not using the master volume knob. I am changing the volume for an individual tone. And I am not using editor. I am changing the volume control on the device itself (pod) and then pressing the save button on the top left of the device. But like I said the saving of the volume control does not last. Other ideas? M
  3. Hi. I have a new pop hd500x having used a pod xt live for several years. When I make changes to the tone (I've mostly done volume) I can heat the change, I press the save button a couple of times following on screen directions. However, it does not save. If I go to another tone and come back it is back to the original settings (in most card a volume that is too low). Can anyone help me with this? Michael
  4. I have a new 500x and when I tune you can hear the guitar rather than it being silenced. Bad idea. How to fix this? Michael
  5. How well does this amp go with this pedalboard? Does it have clean options not to interfere with the hd500X? Michael
  6. Figured it out. Did. Somehow all is now working!! Thanks. Michael
  7. Ok I am trying to do pedal recalibration. BUT there are strange things in directions above like: "Set the pedal to the maximum “toe†position". What pray tell does this mean. And it tells me to set values but no indication of how to do this.
  8. So I found directions online that said to upgrade or reinstall flash and then to do power down and power on with left arrow held down. So I went to reinstall flash using line 6 monkey This was successful but the unit continues to say on the screen for some 15 minutes now 'updating flash'. Art does not seem it should take this long. M
  9. OK I reinstalled flash per directions and then did the first step of pedal calibration which the directions said to power on while holding down the right arrow. Well, this did nothing. It did not go to 'test mode' per directions but to the screen for the tone selected. what does this mean? M
  10. Thanks for your attempts to help. I just got my headphones working. No sound comes through the headphones. The input is set to guitar. The output is set to combo pwr amp though I have tried all output settings except for studio and none produce sound. Yes I did buy used off of eBay though he claimed he had used only two days (why?) and was in the original packing (it was) but did not claim that it was working. 100% approval rating so I took a chance. Yes, the tuner does see the signal (something works!!). Is it not possible that the unit is simply malfunctioning and this guy decided to sell it on Ebay after he discovered this two days in? So per your suggestions all I see left is to try to go to factory reset. hurghanico I am not sure what you mean by holding down the left arrow? Where is such arrow? Michael
  11. Hmm. See it. It was off and I turned it on but this did nothing.
  12. What is Exp 1? I don't see that anywhere. M
  13. Amp produces a shhhhh type noise.
  14. Front of the amp. Not sure re headphones as I seem to have misplaced them.
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