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  1. So i had a problem. I had distortion sounds saved in my A,B,C,D channels and i used those for a while. Today i switched to some of the pre-made artist sounds while i was playing, just for test, and when i returned to my channel A saved sound, it had an increase in gain. Not only that, every other saved channel had a significant increase in gain. The amp was not in manual mode, i didn't even turn any knobs, just pressed the channel buttons. After i started tweaking the knobs, the issue remained, it was not a gain/ chorus effect and the gain issue remained even in my clean saved sound. Now i resolved this problem by doing a factory reset and re-building my sounds from scratch, which was no big deal but it was frustrating. What i would like to know is, was that an amp malfunction, or did i do something wrong? Again, the issue was not in manual mode, i was just changing effects from the arrow pad, and when i returned by pressing channel button A to my saved sound, then occured the increased gain problem, which remained throughout the rest of the sounds. The issue remained even after i started tweaking in manual mode. sorry for the long post and thanks in advance
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