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  1. OK, figured out how to make the Wah pedal work with the Behringer FCB 1010 and it's really easy. Sharing this for others to use as needed. Step 1) Add a wah to your chain in the preset Step 2) Turn the wah on/off using a block bypass. This is easy and described in manual and simple to use the toggle functions on the behringer (see behringer manual) Step 3) Now, it turns out any expression pedal in exp 1 will swell your wah. So, if I plugged in an expression pedal into the stomp directly it would automatically do the wah. However, now you can "trick" your Stomp into thinking it has an expression pedal plugged directly into it. One of the reserved CC# on the stomp is cc#1 which always mimics expression pedal 1 on the stomp. Step 4) So now on the behringer set up an FS (or use the same FS as you use to turn the wah on/off) to send cc#1 with values 0 - 127. Done, now you have a wah pedal on the behringer using exp 1.
  2. Hi All I'm the OP and decided to buy the HX Stomp and pair it with the FCB 1010 (no UNO Chip). I'm an adept MIDI user and can report a few updates for others who might want to use this ensemble. First, I bought the Stomp as a backup to my gigging amp or for occasions when my amp won't fit into a small stage. What I intend to do is set my FCB 1010 in front of me as my pedal board and set the Stomp somewhere behind me or even off stage. I'll control the Stomp entirely from the FCB. My setup is: FCB MIDI Out -> Stomp MIDI In -> Stomp 1/4" L/Out to DI -> DI XLR to mixer (BTW, I wish the Stomp had an XLR out so I didn't need the DI) I bought the Stomp and within an hour using the HX Edit software, had a few custom presets built. I configured the Behringer to send PC messages to the Stomp to change between presets and there is one thing to note. The FCB is using 1 to 128 and the Stomp uses 0 to 127. So, the PC message you send from the FCB must always be +1 the PC number appearing on the Stomp. For example, when you see PC message 100 on the Stomp, you must send PC message 101 from the FCB to activate this preset. I only had a little time to mess around with CC changes and will do more today. I had some trouble getting the Wah on the Stomp to react to incoming CC values, but I just need to try a few more things. But, if anyone has notes on that I would appreciate learning from you. I also really like the Block Bypass feature that will allow for me to toggle on/off various things using MIDI. For instance, suppose I have a distortion pedal in Block 2. You can send a toggle command from the FCB to turn this block on and off using the tradition MIDI sector values of 0 - 63 (off) and 64 to 127 (on)
  3. I'm considering the HX stomp as a backup to my live gear (or to use on very small stages). For background, my current rig is a Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister 40 Deluxe and I use the Behringer FCB 1010 as a MIDI foot controller to switch presets and trigger various CC# for effects. Before buying the HX stomp I'm trying to learn if anyone else is using this combination (or an ensemble similar to it) and if you might be able to share your experiences. Here is an example of how I would want to use the two in combination. On the Stomp, I would like to build a preset that might include the following: 1) A three channel amp (clean, light gain, heavier crunch) 2) A wah pedal 3) Various modulation effects (e.g., chorus and phaser) 4) Boost for solos Now, what I would hope to be able to do with the FCB 1010 is really two things: 1) First, send a PC message to activate this preset (this is easy I think) 2) Now, send CC# commands associated with various foot switches (FS) to activate the various effects For example, I would want one FS to trigger the clean tone, another FS to trigger the light gain. Then, have an FS that activates the chorus pedal and use the built in expression pedals so that a CC# message of 0-127 creates the wah effect. In other words, I would build a preset on the Stomp that looks like a pedal board and configure my 1010 to be the pedal board that gives me all the flexibility of activating any of those tones at any time. Thanks for your thoughts.
  4. LOL, stripping! I wish it were true, but in my world, we play some rooms where the band is on the floor in front of 200+ people and not technically on a stage. So, the first time this happened it was from a person who was dancing near the board. But, last night it was a sound tech walking on stage laying down cables for the show. It was all an accident. But, the way the barrel protrudes externally from the POD DC input makes it more likely for this type of stuff to happen.
  5. Every internet forum has that one guy who has a huge resume and knows everything. Thanks for your reply and letting us know that guy is you.
  6. Yeah that might be what I need. The current design of the stock supply protrudes outward. So, a sound tech walked on it the other day and broke it during sound check.
  7. Ha! I'll try the smaller feet idea. And your idea would definitely work. I could put it onto a pedal train and slip the DC in through the bottom and that would work. I just really like the light load of the single unit now and putting it onto a larger board just heavies the load a bit. But, as you suggest it would work
  8. The HD POD 500x has a technical design flaw in that the DC in power cable protrudes externally from the board. As such, it is prone to being stepped on and broken. This happened to me about a year ago and I sent it in to repair at Line 6. It was promptly repaired and returned. However, this happened again two nights ago during a gig and I need to send it back in to repair yet again. My wish list is for Line 6 to construct a way to shield this from happening, but in the meantime, has anyone else experienced this issue and can anyone recommend a more robust way to protect the DC power cable from being stepped on?
  9. I have a working solution to share and document in case others are interested in replicating this. I am using the H & K Grandmeister Deluxe 40 head and the Line 6 POD HD 500x. You can use the POD as a MIDI foot switch controller to toggle between the presets using the steps below. Prerequisites MIDI cable out of HD POD into MIDI in on H&K amp Step 1: Dial in tone on amp Step 2: On POD hold down "move" button until MIDI assign appears Step 3: Use left/right arrows on the move button to hover over the footswitch you want to assign to Step 4: Turn knob 1 to MIDI Base Step 5: Turn knob 2 so that "message: prog change" appears. You need to make a PC change (not a cc change) Step 6: Turn knob 3 to get a unique program number (make sure it's not duplicated with another PC number). I started with 1 for the first preset, then 2 and so on. Step 7: On H&K, hit the "store" button Step 8: On the POD hit the footswitch you are assigning to. Step 9: The "store" button on amp will flash and then go off and that's all. Step 10: Repeat for each new preset you want to create and assign Step 11: Once done, hit "save" on the POD to save these MIDI commands to the channel. If you don't do this they will not appear the next time you use the board and amp
  10. I purchased the Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister Deluxe 40 and also have the HD POD 500x which I would like to use as my MIDI footswitch controller to toggle the presets I save on the amp. My goal is to get 100% of my tones from the amp and really use the POD as a way to toggle presets, other than use the way pedal on the POD. I'm looking for users who have successfully used this combination and might be able to share how to assign presents that I save on the amp to the board so I can recall them easily. Thanks!
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