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  1. Thanks again, the sm48 bundle seems quite reasonable - I will see how she would like to proceed. Thanks again for you help :)
  2. Cheers, she may want to do vocals too so I will keep an eye out for a deal on either the E835 or SM58 (I assume they will be ok for instruments too?). She will have to make do with the keyboard for drum recording for now! I had no idea how expensive all this stuff is, this looks like a pretty good deal but what with the other bits bought will have to wait. If she starts showing real interest then I will pick something up and as long as she's using the stuff and showing interest I don't mind putting some better kit behind her down the road, but for now at least she has something to get her going. I don't suppose you know if there are any mics around half that price that would be ok for a stop-gap or would I be better off just waiting?
  3. Hi, so I finally got round to this - I have a Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 (V2) with Pod farm en route, I also have picked up a reasonably powerful laptop (i5 with 8GB)...so am on my way. Regarding software I will likely go with Audacity then upgrade if she is using the kit to Reaper as suggested. I do have a couple more questions; 1) The laptop only has a 128GB SSD HDD, is that going to be enough space for editing? I guess I could add an external HDD for completed work. 2) Any advice on mics, it'll be for recording acoustic guitar and potentially drums (thought she does have a keyboard) - I've seen the M-Audio recording studio, is that any good? Thanks again for all your help :)
  4. Brilliant, thanks very much :) FTR I just have the FBV MKII, Spider III and a spare (but a bit rubbish) laptop. I will look into mic & stands and audio interfaces and potentially upgrading the Spider to a IV so she can loop if she wants to. Many thanks for the clear explanation! I will see what she really wants to do, having said about keeping the FBV I think at this stage she can't have her cake and eat it...like you say (and I'm sure she'll agree) rather sell the FBV and go the PC route with a laptop (any recommendation on specs?) Would we be better off with a Mac/Apple for this kind of work? Thanks guys, this info is gold :)
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply - I'm really torn how to proceed. I understand the loop pedal, that's why I was going to get a Spider IV - that would get me to where I thought I was when I bough these, however having spoken to my daughter she quite likes the idea of a recording studio, being able to play guitar and keyboard she can pretty much do everything. So looking at the responses I'm likely better off selling the loop unless she wants to use it with a Spider IV (type) amp for some live loops and get a mixer & software. Are there any particular setups I should consider? I mean, what is a good/reasonable brand and what's something to avoid? Bear in mind I've no idea what I'm doing so the easier to setup and 'support' the better! Thanks again
  6. Hi, off the back of this thread; http://line6.com/support/topic/25717-can-i-record-loops-with-fbv-express-mkii-spider-iii/ Long story short, I'm a complete noob with no idea, I'm trying to set up a kind of mini studio for my daughter in the shed...I have the FBV MKII and Spider III, I thought I would be able to record loops but it turns out I can't so am now looking at my options. I'm not loaded, I picked the above up for a bargain and having spoken to her I'd like to try and sort out (as cheaply as possible - ie 2nd hand) a kind of mini studio, she plays keyboard and guitar (and drums) I'd like her to be able to control and record loops via the FBV MKII - I assume we'd have to plug into a laptop via a mixer, but like I said, I'm a total noob so after some help and advice/guidance. Thanks in advance :)
  7. Cheers, she has the talent and drive and fortunately I'm in a position to help her along. We have a games shed which is now a bit of a music studio with all her kit lol. So, as I said before - I'm totally new at all this and am out of my depth, I just asked and she'd prefer the mixer route as it will allow (I'm assuming) a lot more options (recording and editing etc)...whilst you say I don't have to go the UX route, is there something you can advise I should look at (or maybe something I should avoid). FTR the laptop is W7 but may end up being W10 as I suspect the current laptop I have in mind may not be up to the job so envisage an upgrade later in the year.
  8. Thanks for your input :) A quick search gives me a UX2 @ £50 and a Spider IV 75W @ £120 (a wash as I could sell old amp) Am I right in thinking; UX2 would allow recording of guitar & keys (and drums) but require a laptop? Would she be able to control through the FBV? Spider IV would allow recording of guitar only but will be easier to setup and controllable through FBV and no need for laptop? As I said, this is for my 15yo who's just starting out - so which would be the best option (also considering future possible upgrades she might want/be interested in)? Is there anything else I should consider? BTW the keyboard is the EZ220 FWIW.
  9. Hi, as title really. Firstly I'm a total noob and have no idea on these things but essentially someone at work was selling the above and I bought it for my 15yo daughter as she is really into her music (plays guitar, drums & keyboard). It was a bit of a steal at £75 and seemed a no-brainer, a half-decent amp and the bonus of a loop pedal...like I said, I'm no expert but I expected the loop pedal to allow her to record and play back so she can create many 'layers' of guitar music. Having looked into things I'm not sure but I think the amp lacks the recording ability - sorry, either I'm stoopid or the instructions assume I know something about what I'm doing. Either way, hopefully someone here can help clarify/advise. I did a lot of googling and am finding it hard to pin-point answers/demos on this setup - I did find a demo on youtube of a kid doing this with a Spider IV but the buttons he used are not on the Spider III. So, long and the short - can my daughter use this or do I need to track down a Spider IV/an other amp? Also, while I'm at it, as I said she plays keyboard too, so is there a way to use this setup to record and playback keyboard? Thanks in advance for any advice, it'd be really appreciated :)
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