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  1. Brilliant, the above is what I can relate to 100 percent....! Thanks again guys, all comments and responses have been great and much appreciated. Should buy one just for the community spirit alone! Have continued to play the guitar over the last few years but only just getting back into it now in a big way, can't believe how much things have advanced over the last few years. Loving the new VOX but maybe shouldn't bought....... It's been a massive learning curve over the last few weeks. Will check out the speakers, looks like it'll be a Helix and one seriously p*ssed off wife.....! Thanks
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys. Regards the amp, no send and return, just a jack connector for external speaker. Thanks again
  3. Hello all Apologies if this sort of question has been posted before but I am looking for some specific advice Big U2 fan and guitarist for 35 years I have recently had time to rekindle my interest in the guitar and have decided to invest in some decent gear and build a pedalboard. I have recently purchased a Korg SDD3000 and Line6 M5 and am now looking to purchase an Eventide H9, power supply, expression pedal, midi footswitch etc.... by the time I've finished I will probably have spent around 1,200 GBP. then I stumbled across the Helix..... Question is this; Would the Helix be a better option than building a board? or is it overkill for my requirements? I am just a hobbyist, not in a band or gigging at the moment and really just want to replicate the tones of U2, The Stone Roses, Beatles, Stones. Floyd etc..... as closely as possible. Current amp is a VOX AC10. Also, How would the unit sound plugged through my current Vox amp? I am not knowledgeable on the amp/cab options in the Helix. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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