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  1. roundeight

    Helix Looper

    Yes, I can tell you that by placing the looper at the end of a rig in a patch (A) and recording a phrase, you can switch to another patch (B) without losing the recording. As long as the next patch also has the looper positioned at the same point and in the same path (same line on the display). When you switch to patch B, you will continue to listen to the recording with the sounds of patch A as it should be and as it would happen with an external looper connected to the Helix outputs.
  2. roundeight

    Helix Looper

    I did as you told me and it works! I am understanding that it is not enough to put the looper at the end of the Rig but the Rig must be exactly the same type. If preset N ° 1 has a linear Rig and preset N ° 2 has a Rig going to the line below (path 2a) the looper will not be maintained even if it is placed just before the output.
  3. roundeight

    Helix Looper

    I have tried all the ways but if I switch from one preset on which I have recorded a loop to another, even if I have inserted the looper in the same block, the moment in which the passage occurs, the loop stops playing. To have a looper that "overrides" the presets while remaining in operation, it should be placed on a possible global post location, as happens for example in the Rig 5 software.
  4. roundeight

    Helix Looper

    Grazie, ho anche verificato che non è possibile. Peccato, sarebbe stata una buona risorsa. Chissà se in un futuro firmware ....
  5. roundeight

    Helix Looper

    Hello. Does anyone know if it is possible to place the Helix looper after the various Rigs, presets and configurations, as if it were an external looper placed on the global outputs? It would be great to keep the looping phrases recorded with a certain preset, keep them and implement them by switching from one preset to another. If I remember correctly, with the line6 500 hd it was possible
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