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  1. I am having very annoying problems from a relatively new Firehawk 1500. Today, I switched it on as I normally had for the past 2 weeks. The times before that it had done so before the device booted up normally, displayed the legend "Firehawk 1500" and the firmware version (1.3) and then finished loading and I could use it normally switching presets with the knob, editing it using the app etc. But it suddenly stopped working completely as I switched it on and the LCD screen refused to display anything, none of the knobs lit up in any kind of way and the device simply became unresponsive to any of the commands I tried to give it. Switching between 3 different power cables did not solve the issue so that ruled out any power problems. I thought maybe the software could have malfunctioned so I tried resetting it by powering up holding the appropriate knobs but it remained unresponsive. I tried connecting it to my computer, following all the steps to try to update the firmware again but the device refuses to show up on the updater after installing the drivers and the updater 3 separate times. Please help I loved my device for the 2 weeks I used it and it would kill me if line 6 provided me with something that literally lasted less than a month. Again I ask for help and thank anyone who might provide it. Notes: Device powers on making a discernable "clicking sound" LCD Display powers up as well but refuses to actually display ay messages Knobs remain unlit Device unresponsive to both physical and software attempts at controlling it
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