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  1. I just received a trem arm for my recently acquired (used) JTV-69. Should there be a spring that drops into the internal thread on the trem arm that would help maintain tension thus keeping it from the trem arm from spinning so freely? If so would anyone happen to know the size of the spring?
  2. Right! Awesome. I'll look into it. Thank you. That the G10 transmitter sticks out so far bothers me. Maybe its possible to to attach the G10 to the strap and jump in to the guitar via short female TRS to 90 degree male.
  3. I would like to buy a wireless guitar system and I am considering the Xvive U2. One knock on that model is that it does not play nicely with active pickups, which makes me wonder if the my JTV-69's modeling output would be considered "active". It has a battery after all. What do you think?
  4. I recently purchased a used JVT-69 that did not include a trem arm. I want to be sure that the replacement that I purchace works with the existing bridge. Can any one tell me, based on the serial #, what gen bridge I have, gen1 or 2? S#: W11090045 I can't see in to the trem hole well enough to confirm whether or not there is a bolt onto which an interior threaded Gen 2 JVT-68 trem arm might thread
  5. Is it possible to update the my JVT firmware WITHOUT a charged battery? A few days ago I purchased JVT-69 but it did not come with a charger. I've arranged to get one, but it will be at least a week before it arrives. I attempted to upgrade the firmware from 1.7 to 2.2 with it plugged into a Pod with a VDI cable. Although Workbench and the Pod both now recognize it as being the 2.2 firmware, Monkey says that the update failed and Workbench now displays "?????..." where the modle info should be. My reading on the matter suggests that the battery is in fact necessary for a successful flash process, but I thought I would ask the community if any of you have had success updating the firmware without a battery, and if so, what was your process? Alternatively, can any one suggest a method of restoring the original firmware without a battery?
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