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  1. Hi All: I'm amazed by the Helix and have been digging into firmware 3.11, etc. since I've gotten it. One thing I haven't found in the documentation or forums itself is a solid centralized location or resource 'Effects Presets' that can be dialed in using all the many different effects in the unit. If I had any wish for a future update would be to somehow have 'Effects' presets (not just the user favorites) of classic uses/settings for the already built-in effects. I've seen helpful tips here and there in random posts about how to get a great Space Echo setting (one guy said set the feedback to 55% and then tie your expression pedal to the feedback amount and change it's min/max range of the pedal to 55% to 84% - great tip), or what a good use of the Double Tank reverb is, etc., but I've only seen them scouring random threads though. Would love to see even more tips/examples of this. For example, I've seen multiple threads and videos and still haven't seen a really centralized or great place/way to make a 'shimmer' patch on Helix. I've done my best using a pitch shifter block, spaceecho, and some reverbs, but would love a place to see how such things have been 'solved'. I've also checked out some of the videos at this link: But I've found that to be a pretty time consuming and incomplete way to go through it. Does anyone know of a link or have a good site to go to see recommended settings/'presets' for the various Helix effects? Any thoughts or links? If I've missed something completely obvious my apologies, I did search the forums and line 6 site, youtube, etc. before posting this. Thanks all.
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