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  1. Thanks for getting back to me TravDaddy! I also have a HD147 so I might try your instructions with that amp and the POD X3 (bean) or POD X3 PRO RACK UNIT. Just so I can follow your specs exactly. The LINE 6 DuoVERB 100 HD is a strange beast, a loud amp with no gain channel! I've had it for several years now, only used it a few times to record crystal clear guitar tracks, which it does beautifully and excellent bass tracks with POD X3 (Bean) lined in front of it. So far the best equipment i've used in its effects loop is an old M~AUDIO - BLACK BOX - Set Top Unit, it's the only thing that blocks out the DuoVERB preamp hooked up thru the effects loop, when I tried the POD X3 (bean) in the effects loop, all the controls on the X3 (bean) and all the controls DuoVERB HD are live and competing with each other! Oh well, the fun of trying out all experimental situations!
  2. Very cool ideas! Do you know how this would work with a DUOVERB HD & POD X3 PRO RACK UNIT?
  3. Wow! That's awesome! I have a AX2 and have always wondered how much easier it would be to adjust tone settings, if there was an editor to help with the job.
  4. Going with the LINE 6 - POD HD PRO RACK UNIT, is a great idea. Some prefer to use the LINE 6 - POD HD (Bean Format) with the DT 25/50 HD as it's less gear to move etc. Having compared the LINE 6 POD HD PRO RACK UNIT & POD HD PRO X RACK UNITS in live performance situations, it becomes apples to apples, when deciding which tones will get you through your live gig, both are more than up to the job. If, however you are a studio tone chaser, the extra processing power of the HD X, might be an answer. For my needs, I didn't end up purchasing either of those two units. I went with the LINE 6 POD X3 PRO RACK UNIT, I use it to record most of my bands songwriting. Even in 2018, it's still a powerhouse, live or studio!
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