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  1. Hi guys! I'm actually a dj/live performer besides a guitarrist. And I use the M5 in my live setup, in sync with other synths and drum machines and things like that. In this case I plug the M5 in the stereo aux send/return of my mixer Behringer X1622, so I'm able to send the fx to any channel in my mixer. The problem is, let's simulate a situation: I'm sending a delay to channel 6 (mybassline), and all other channels on the mixer have their aux closed. When any other loud signal (like a kick drum, coming from my Roland TR-8) comes in on another channel, the delay simply stops acting. The effect is still on, the led is still lit, but I can't hear any feedback. So, in order to the delay work again, I have to click the M5 switch off and on again. And that's pretty awful. I think the incoming signal in some manner disable the fx. But I don't know if the problem is on my audio connections or my MIDI connections. This situation is a little unusual situation, I guess that I'm the only one using the M5 as a Electronic music Fx unit, but, could you guys give me a hand? I could send my entire setup diagram if this helps... Thanks
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