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  1. I bought a Helix a little over a month ago. I love the unit, and I am looking to get a real nice frfr cab to go with it. I was originally using the 4 cable method and playing through my old Flextone. This past weekend I picked up a EV ZLX 12p to use and I like what I am hearing. Now I am looking at picking up the Mission Gemini2 system, but before I make this kind of choice I want to know if Line 6 has their own FRFR cab coming out. I do really want to play through a cab instead of a PA speaker and I have always love the Line 6 gear. I also prefer a 12" speaker so that is another thing that is keeping me from going for the L2T or L3T. Just hoping to hear if there is a new system coming out before I pull the trigger on the Mission in January. Anyone heard anything?
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