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  1. Hey There must be a simple way to do this - in which case sorry for the noob question. Ok, so delays: On my trusty old echo park I could have the feedback all the way up so when I engaged it it went in to a full howl mode, and when I disengaged it that delay was cut and reset (meaning if I engaged it again the previous delay was gone, even though the feedback was on 100%). Is this not possible on the HX Stomp? I can cut the trails of course, but if I engage it again the previous delay sounds come back, and automating the feedback to go to 0% doesn't really fix it as it's not a quick enough process to get rid of the sounds in some applications. Anybody?
  2. Apologies if this is much more obvious than I am finding it from reading the manual trying to decide if the Stomp will do what I want it to do. Q: Can you route the HX stomp USB channels so you get a stereo send/return in parallel to your original signal? Basically I am wondering if the HX Stomp can be my soundcard and blend box/FX send/return box. I want both the guitar running through to avoid latency and the computer processed stuff in parallel. If so; how taxing is that on it's powers? Thanks!
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