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  1. Yeah but when I sweep it up and back it goes back to 34%. Idk if I'm doing something wrong or if it's broke.
  2. Okay thanks for all the input. I hadn't looked o to the alto. Musician's friend has them for 275 after a rebate right now. What pole do you use?
  3. I don't mind buying used ill deffinatly keep an eye out. What is everyone else using?
  4. Okay thanks. The link didn't help me with the pedal issue however. I've messed with the settings I think it's a hardware problem. I haven't looked into the alto but I do see what your saying about the gain and low cut. The qsc and Yamaha are both pretty pricy. If I were to spend that much I'd just go with the Friedman asm. I'm not really sure what route to go. I use a jbl lsr 305 most of the time and like it pretty well. I don't have a complaint about it. Just looking for more volume incase I play with people.
  5. What would you recommend to run the helix throug?. Kinda looking into a jbl eon612. Has anyone had any luck with this or have a suggestion? I'm not really wanting to spend a bunch of money on something. Also my volume pedal when tocked all the way back only goes to 34%. Can someone help?
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