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  1. The first amp is changing based off of the second amp. If I turn the second amp to standby or off the effect works perfectly and proper levels. I appreciate the efforts but I've got it boxed up to go back, I've spent a day and a half troubleshooting it to no avail before reaching out for support and just don't feel like dumping more time into it. I was able to determine a few more pedals that I'd regularly use so it's not all for waste. (Tube screamer, boost, fuzz, stereo reverb)
  2. Thanks for the advice. I had a signal chain set up like you recommended previously and that's about the only method I could use to get the loops working somewhat properly. However when I enable the last reverb in the chain (Stereo Searchlights) the volume of my second amp jumps up about 4 times. The other issue with this you're now using twice the amount of blocks for any effects you have on after the loop.
  3. Recently picked up an HX Effects and I love it when using one amp, but I run a stereo rig... I've currently got it wired to the following: https://i.imgur.com/vIqbQ2P.png If I have an effect after the FX Loop the right amp effects will play through the left amps effects loop bypassing the preamp and will be much louder. If I wire it to the 7CM shown on the Line6 HX Effects manual (swapping the right amp's output and return cable) it will cause a no sound condition. I'm at a loss at what to do. I've tried splitting the FX Loop and panning left/right and this works until I add a stereo block (such as Searchlights Stereo Reverb) after the hard pans and it completely bypasses pans and causes it to get extremely loud. I've tried splitting the FX Loop to Send and Return with Returns as 1/2 hard panned to left/right and it has no affect. Any advice? I'm at a loss and leaning towards returning it out of frustration.
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