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  1. Sorry. Agricultural isn't bad, just basically good. I didn't hear any magic. Sorry again. Magic means great. Trying the jtv, because I'm tired of hauling too many fine guitars to the jobs. Time, effort, and angst. But I need the jtv to shine in magnetic mode. The guitar itself is beautiful - tobacco. Giving it a fighting chance, to compete with the old LP that is staying home. For all this to work, I will need the models and the guitar itself to be top-shelf. Otherwise, it's back to six old guitars in harm's way.
  2. For what it's worth... I just bought OX4 pickups for a non-USA JTV-59, because the stock pickups are agricultural, and have contacted the local Line 6 authorized service point nearby. I have installed tons of pickups over the years, but I figure why stuff around with this specialized system.
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