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  1. Recently bought an Amplifi TT. The guitar I'm using is an Epiphone SG G-400. I don't know if it's normal behaviour or if the amp is broken. When I see tests and reviews on youtube ppl seems to change between tones with ease just experiencing the tone differences with little volume difference. On my case if I change between a clean tone and some more distorted one the volume difference is huge and the distortion seems hugelly exagerated. To use most of the distorted preset tones I must lower the guitar volume to minimum and edit and lower drastically the Gain for that tone.
  2. Tired of waiting for an answer. Did the factory reset and now I can answer my own question. Did the reset and "My Tones" survived because they are on the Tablet app and not on the box itself.
  3. I'm experiencing some problems with my Amplifi TT and I want to do a factory reset. I wonder if I have to backup My Tones somehow before doing the reset.
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