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  1. Thank you... I think that may be it I will try that
  2. It was an outdoor gig but under a tent. Worked fine then I noticed when I came back from the break my presets were flashing. I stepped on a preset, it would play but all the others would black out. I would have to scroll the bank to get them to show again. But they would start blinking and do the same thing... Maybe I accidentally hit a different mode that I'm not familiar with by accident???
  3. On a gig ... All the presets kept flashing.. If I stepped on one the others all blacked out ... Did I mistakenly go into another mode?
  4. Do you mean placing it in loop #1 ? Where do you find the imprudence selector? I will read up on it....I have not seen anything On being able to select the impedance
  5. How would I use that? Put it in the loop along with the fuzz?
  6. Yes, it is the sunface and the sun lion (I use either or). Is there any way to put something additionally into the loop that would help correct the buffer? I have an American Looper that they worked fine with...
  7. That's possible.... Please keep the ideas coming... Would prefer to keep it in the loop because all the great possibilities that can be done with it....
  8. If that's the case, is there anything that can be done to remedy this... It's one of my favorite pedals....
  9. Have an Analogman fuzz going into the loop... Works fine on its own but thru the loop I'm getting a high pitch squeal. Is there something I need to change... I have an old Rat pedal in the other loop and it's fine....
  10. Where the value is already set to 0-30% , by doing this it would automatically be at 0 when I open the preset?
  11. When I change presets, my mix controller is at a high level, would like it to be at zero or minimum.... For instance, I will set a mix controller for the delay let's say 0-30%. Every time I go back to that preset the delay is full on. I would like it to be at minimum ... Is there a way to set that?
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